Are you interested in expanding your garden or planting new plants? Learn more about how gardening can also work as a form of therapy.

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Hello! I am so glad that you found my blog. My name is Margaret, and I have always used gardening as a personal form of therapy. Over the years, I have started to look at the research behind this hobby of mine, and I have been so excited to read about the mood-boosting properties of microbes as well as about other topics. In this blog, I am going to write about grounding yourself with gardening. I plan to write about everything from aerating the ground to using gardening as a tool for meditation and personal reflection. Please, explore and share my posts if they inspire you. Thank you for reading!

Have You Thought of Using Sand in Your Garden?

17 September 2019
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If you are considering landscaping your garden, then you will have been thinking about how you can maximise the use of your outdoor environment. You will have thought about how you will be using each part of the space and how you will combine each element within the garden to create a complete garden experience. What materials will you need? Most gardens will have a lawn of some type, so if you don't have anything laid, you will want to purchase some turf. Read More …

3 Essential Hardscape Supplies for your New Coastal Property

1 April 2019
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If you have just bought a house along the coasts of Australia, then you will appreciate the natural wonders that coastal neighbourhoods have to offer. From sand-swept beaches to sea-carved rock formations, your property's proximity to these features only adds to its aesthetic value. However, if you feel that the landscape of your new property does not complement the surrounding natural beauty, then you should consider an upgrade. Although you need the services of a professional landscaper, it is paramount to understand the hardscape landscaping supplies you need. Read More …

Garden Waste Disposal Made Easy

8 April 2016
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Spring is the time of year that people start getting back out into their gardens - and all that pruning and tidying can create a lot of rubbish that needs to be dealt with. It can be difficult to properly dispose of all your garden waste, but if that's something you're trying to figure out at the moment then you've got three main options. These options aren't mutually exclusive; most gardeners find that they need to employ a combination of all three. Read More …

Maintaining A Healthy Turf Lawn On Highly Acidic Soil

28 March 2016
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A turf lawn is only ever as healthy as the soil it is laid upon, and a number of factors, ranging from soil salinity to drainage rates, can all affect the survival and appearance of your turf. One of the most important soil properties you should keep an eye on is the pH level of your soil. Large areas of Australia have soil with a pH of 5.5 or less, far too acidic for most turfs to grow well in. Read More …

Growing in a Small Space: Essential Tips for Apartment Gardeners

23 March 2016
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More than a quarter of Australians live in apartments or units, but high-rise living doesn't mean giving up on dreams of a beautiful garden. Whether you have a north-facing balcony, a sunny windowsill or just a grow light, you can create your own container garden in the smallest of homes. Use these four top apartment gardening tips to help you get started. 1. Find a Sunny Spot Plants need light to thrive. Read More …