Have You Thought of Using Sand in Your Garden?

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Have You Thought of Using Sand in Your Garden?

17 September 2019
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If you are considering landscaping your garden, then you will have been thinking about how you can maximise the use of your outdoor environment. You will have thought about how you will be using each part of the space and how you will combine each element within the garden to create a complete garden experience.

What materials will you need?

Most gardens will have a lawn of some type, so if you don't have anything laid, you will want to purchase some turf. You will also need to work out which combination of flowers and plants you need to provide a range of colour at all seasons of the year. In addition to the natural elements of the garden, you must also spend some time considering what building materials will help you to create the perfect garden. You may want to consider pavers, bricks, timbers and perhaps even concrete to build the different sections of your garden. To complement these materials, you will want to arrange for sand delivery to ensure you have all the sand you need to complete your garden landscaping. There are lots of ways that sand can be used in your garden. Here are two of the most popular:

Supporting your pavers

Pavers are an essential part of almost every garden, but how are those pavers supported? If you place the pavers on the bare ground, you risk them shifting underfoot or breaking during use. By using paver sand, you can level the ground underneath the pavers and fill the spaces between them. This will make the pathway more stable and therefore more durable. If you arrange for sand delivery before you commence work on your pathway, you will be able to ensure that you have a sufficient supply of sand to support all of your pavers and create a great path for your garden.

A safe play area for your children

When planning your sand delivery, it's always a good idea to make sure that you have enough to carpet your children's play area. Sand is the ideal material to provide a soft, safe surface under swings, slides and similar items of play equipment. The coarseness of the paver sand should prevent it from being tracked around your garden or into your home. You can also use anything left over from your sand delivery to fill up play boxes and let your children play with it.