3 Essential Hardscape Supplies for your New Coastal Property

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3 Essential Hardscape Supplies for your New Coastal Property

1 April 2019
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If you have just bought a house along the coasts of Australia, then you will appreciate the natural wonders that coastal neighbourhoods have to offer. From sand-swept beaches to sea-carved rock formations, your property's proximity to these features only adds to its aesthetic value. However, if you feel that the landscape of your new property does not complement the surrounding natural beauty, then you should consider an upgrade. Although you need the services of a professional landscaper, it is paramount to understand the hardscape landscaping supplies you need. 

Decorative Boulders 

No landscaping hardscape material comes close to the effects of natural stone on a landscape. The rocks blend in well with the natural surrounding, thereby giving your scene a more natural feel. The best part is that you can find decorative boulders in all shapes, sizes and colours. Natural stones are best used to line walking paths, entry areas and gardens. When carefully arranged, decorative boulders make excellent centrepieces, especially when installed near a swimming pool or at the centre of a property's front yard or backyard. However, remember to ask your landscaper to use an assortment of decorative boulders for a more natural look.

Bender Boards 

For an impeccable-looking landscape, it is critical that the border regions on your lawn remain straight and undisturbed. Because they are made from recycled polyethylene plastic, bender boards do an excellent job at ensuring the areas around trees, and the kerb maintains their elegant look. Moreover, since bender boards are flexible, the boards can be used around bends without worrying about breaking the material. The fact that bender boards are made from plastic also guarantees extended service because unlike wood, bender boards do not rot. Also, unlike metal or wood, bender boards don't require painting or maintenance. Once installed, all you have to do is enjoy how they look on your lawn. Therefore, if you want landscaping and garden borders that are uniform all through, then ask your landscaper to use bender boards.

Pebble Stones 

These are among the smallest, smoothest and the most attractive stones you can buy for your landscape. Their smooth surface gives the rocks a nice sheen, especially on sunny afternoons on the Australian coast. Pebble stones produce the best effect when placed on stepping stones such as those leading to a patio or around the swimming pool. The pebbles can be bought in a variety of colours with the most common ones being blue, white, and black. It gives you an opportunity to mix and match the pebbles to achieve a theme you desire and for a strong visual effect.